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Virtual Research:  Collaborating for Superior Design

Assessing the value of, and challenges to a flexibility initiative builds success. A strong diagnosis is a powerful ally in the change process. Trying to roll out a flexibility initiative without knowing how it will add specific operational value to the business makes the process much more difficult. Encouraging a transition toward flexible leadership without being able to show the measurable value of doing so can only strengthen resistance.

We use focus groups and leader interviews – based on existing client data and survey information – to help strengthen project design. Among issues that can be addressed with employee, manager and HR groups are:
  Assumptions of the culture: what is valued, proscribed, tolerated and rewarded
  Appeal of different flexible work arrangements with a range of designs
  Potential value and ROI of tailored offerings: informal flex, hourly options, phased
  Effectiveness of supervisors as negotiators and managers of outcomes
  Openness to a process that ties flexible schedules to robust work redesign
  An assessment of interactive skill levels among staff and managers

Our reports on such virtual interview and focus group projects are brief, rich and actionable. They enable decision-makers to act wisely on the problems and opportunities at hand. Their richness grows out of the greater breadth and volume of responses afforded by our highly skilled use of conference call groups, virtual processes rather than face-to-face sessions. Advantages of “virtual focus groups” include:
Anyone with telephone access can be included – geography does not limit participation
The groups are comparably effective to in-person sessions, and often seem more candid
    than the face-to-face alternative
Additional data can be easily collected during groups via online surveys
Travel time, lost time and facilitator fees are reduced for participants and group leaders

Our Mission

Rupert & Company enables Collaborative Flexibility. We fully integrate employee need for greater control of where, when and how work is done with employer need for greater contribution.

We enhance engagement, productivity, cost reduction and talent attraction and retention. We design the future of flexibility.

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