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Collaborative Flexibility:  Mutual Respect Skills

Co Flexibility thrives when managers and employees excel in a clearly defined interactive standards-and-skillet.  Some of the skills are related to managing specific schedules: managing time on reduced schedules or building knowledge transfer into a gradual approach to retirement.  But the deeper standards and skillset required for developing and maintaining diverse schedules are those required for competent management, group behavior and self-management. Each client needs to define the elements of the system to be set and emphasized in this approach.

One critical element of this system is our core managerial framework, Leading through Mutual Respect. It touches on the key elements of managing flexibility and collaborating through differences and includes detailed implementation support. The principles of this approach are:
  We suspend assumptions
  We always pay attention
  We listen attentively & speak directly
  We delegate and develop fully
  We provide feedback consistently
  We resolve conflicts respectfully
  We do what we promise

These principles underlie true collaboration and help embed collaborative flexibility in work groups. Brief clarifications of the standard/skills follow:
We suspend assumptions
  The essence of change is reexamining habits that block progress and replacing them with more productive ones. If collaboration and flexibility are the constant rethinking of where, when and how work gets done, the discipline of constantly suspending assumptions and considering alternatives is vital.

We always pay attention  Flexible and respectful leadership requires an unrelenting focus on things as they are and realistically may become. Sorting out new and promising from simply different ways of working helps build a unique and more productive workplace over time.

We listen attentively & speak directly  Clean, clear communication is the prime enabler of a truly collaborative and flexible workplace in which connection and engagement are deepened despite growing differences in where and when people work.

We delegate and develop fully  The essence of the collaborative and flexible workplace is a heightened focus on results and increasingly on stretch results. The core skill for leaders to achieve these outcomes is the clear definition of expectations and the provision of training to support them.

We provide feedback consistently  A mixed onsite and offsite work group with reduced overlap in schedules requires more, not less intensive feedback on both excellent performance and areas for improvement. This is a traditional area of leader, manager and colleague weakness. That fact must be overcome, and that weakness undone to facilitate genuine collaboration and maximize results. Abundant live training is typically required to undo disrespectful habits and replace them with respectful ones.

We resolve conflicts respectfully  Many leaders and others recognize that we are limited in our risk-taking and conflict resolution skills. Conflict suppression, yes; conflict resolution, no. An onsite or mixed site and flexible workplace will each generate conflicts perhaps more as issues of scheduling and communication become more pronounced. Learning new and better ways to resolve differences is essential -- and lays the groundwork for ongoing collaboration. Training is vital in this area as well.

We do what we promise  Collaboration without follow-through can be as destructive as the inability to work together. Whether individuals and teams are onsite or off, they are most fully engaged through mutual respect and commitment. Integrity is the predictable fulfillment of promises, and it is the glue of healthy organizations.

Our Mission

Rupert & Company enables Collaborative Flexibility. We fully integrate employee need for greater control of where, when and how work is done with employer need for greater contribution.

We enhance engagement, productivity, cost reduction and talent attraction and retention. We design the future of flexibility.

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