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For several decades we have anticipated and consulted on the rapid evolution of the flexible workplace.  

We pioneered rules of the road for Remote Work and are setting the standard for Phased Retirement

We explore Collaborative Flexibility in our thought-leading FlexBulletin and tackle flexible scheduling and staffing
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Since 2008 these widely respected, twice-monthly essays have offered
unique and innovative guidance for champions of workplace flexibility.

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FlexBulletin #108:  Can’t We All Show Some Mutual Respect?
I planned to launch 2016 with a call for Mutual Respect
as the overarching goal for standards and habits in the diverse,
flexible and healthy workplace. Encouraging the organizational
shift from common behaviors of mutual disrespect to the
consistent practices of Mutual Respect seemed an
excellent way to start the year…more

We analyze the growing tension between flexible scheduling for
regular employees and benefit-free flexibility for contractors

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STEM Diversity: Flood the Pipeline or Fix the Holes?
“Follow the First Law of Holes: if you are in one, stop digging.”
A great cry has risen up across the nation: “The tech talent
pipeline is BROKEN!”  Under mounting pressure last year,
major players in the industry of the future released their
“diversity” stats. The numbers from Google, Facebook,
Apple and others ranged from grim to embarrassing…more

The FlexBulletin Archive

Since 2008 more than 100 Bulletins have chronicled the evolution
of the flexible workplace and
this archive is a rich guide.


Millennial Research

To get beyond stereotypes about millennials and flexibility,
nine clients joined us in a major focus group study.

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Seeks focus, flexibility and feedback”



Our Mission

Rupert & Company enables Collaborative Flexibility. We fully integrate employee need for greater control of where, when and how work is done with employer need for greater contribution.

We enhance engagement, productivity, cost reduction and talent attraction and retention. We design the future of flexibility.

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