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Milestones of

Design Groups

Setting Scope

Broadening Options

Mutual Respect Skills

Monitoring System

Collaborative Flexibility:  The Next Frontier

Flexibility has taken different forms over the years. While continuing to offer quality implementation of Flexible Work Arrangements, we now guide our clients toward the innovative and comprehensive approach of Co Flexability which can yield many gains:
  Intensive employee engagement, especially for millennials
  Greater access for diverse groups, including hourlies and seniors
  Cultivation of vital collaborative skills such as intense listening and feedback
  Harnessing schedules as a way of designing superior work
  Automated proposal and coaching process to build success

The Collaborative Scheduling approach relies on a distinct set of activities to ensured success. The emphasis is as much on strengthening collaboration skills as on narrower programmatic outcomes. Key elements include:
Design Groups:  Exploring flex needs, challenges and skill levels

Setting Scope:  Designing approaches that exceed narrow models

Broadening Options:  Considering variations on common schedules, use of new ones

Mutual Respect Skills:  Assessing employee and manager collaboration skills

Building a Monitoring System:  Creating an automated process with metrics and reporting

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Our Mission

Rupert & Company enables Collaborative Flexibility. We fully integrate employee need for greater control of where, when and how work is done with employer need for greater contribution.

We enhance engagement, productivity, cost reduction and talent attraction and retention. We design the future of flexibility.

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