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About Us:  "Flex Wisely, Flex Widely"

Rupert & Company embodies flexibility tempered by wisdom. We combine decades of problem-solving experience to broaden otherwise narrow approaches to flexibility. While flexibility has expanded significantly in the past decades, that expansion has been in frequency more than business impact, in convention rather than innovation.

Through our Collaborative Flexibility and FlexWise™ Tools we work with clients to maximize the business gains of many ways of working. In the past decade we have achieved these valuable and innovative outcomes:
  Saving space
      Our many remote work clients have achieved both space cost savings and strong
      employee satisfaction
  Employee engagement
      We fast-tracked a comprehensive initiative to help offset the impact of major impending
  Informal flexibility
      We brought a consistent, business-beneficial approach to a very large company’s
      informal practices
  Reduced commutes
      We helped a Manhattan company with aggressive telecommuting to improve morale,
      reduce emissions
  Creative staffing
      An extensive and fluid job sharing program led to innovative and more productive forms
      of staffing
  Work redesign
      For major Phased Retirement programs, we designed vital work redesign and knowledge
      transfer tools
  Manager development
      Our comprehensive guidelines, live and online trainings strengthen essential manager

This small sample of our work with more than 100 clients demonstrates our core beliefs and practices. We have a powerful belief in flexibility as a versatile means to improve the way we work and a cluster of redesign tools to add value and reduce costs. We approach all engagements with an ear to client knowledge and an eye to unusual ways to combine standard and flexible schedules. We believe that the movement toward workplace flexibility has just begun, that there is room for much wider use. Creative counsel and tools are an essential component of moving forward. For additional information, see:
Key Staff: Learn about the leaders of Rupert & Company

Client List: Flexibility works in many different industries

Client Comments: Read what our clients have to say about us

Our Mission

Rupert & Company enables Collaborative Flexibility. We fully integrate employee need for greater control of where, when and how work is done with employer need for greater contribution.

We enhance engagement, productivity, cost reduction and talent attraction and retention. We design the future of flexibility.

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